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Influential Mental Performance

what is Influential Mental performance ?

Influential Mental performance is about engaging in peak performances.

The concepts and application are backed by scientific-based evidence. ​Influential Mental Performance is utilized by professional athletes, military, and Olympians worldwide. 

Dr. Dan has worked with over 3,000 military soldiers and veterans at all levels including Generals, Navy Seals, Special Forces, in all branches.

Dr. Dan has worked with high school, college, professional, Olympic, world cup, and reknown athletes worldwide.  Note, Dr. Dan has applied principles in areas of sport he has no experience in, including polo and bull riding.

Strategies utilize neuroscience frameworks  to train your mind to think and behave how you want to. Dr. Dan has given 8-hour neuroscience and anxiety seminars in all 50 states in over 125 cities over 15 years.

Athletes build confidence, mental strength, composure, and focus. Learn proven strategies to handle high pressured situations.  Peak Protections, flow zones, TIB’s, TRB’s with in-game/in-practice and off-game methods.

Strategies have implemented by Dr. Dan himself and others in his sky diving therapy group. Learn mental skills to handle performance errors and setbacks, bounce backs and reframing adversity. 

WHY Influential Mental Performance?

Individual support

a therapeutic relationship is the basis of your work with a sports psychologist. Dr. Dan doesn’t just provide influential mental performance training, but he backs you with advocacy and congruence.

Peak Performance and CBT

Leading neuroscience ideas and CBT techniques include exercises and assignments to build a psychological outlook and skills.


Your wellbeing is our priority. Therapuetic approaches, the sports psychology treatment plan, and goals are tailors to your needs.

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